Invite to Participate

We are pleased to invite your winery to participate in our upcoming 6th Annual New York International Wine Competition this May 15-16th 2016.  This international wine competition will be held at the 3 West Club in the heart of New York City across from Rockefeller Center.

>After the success of running the New York International Spirits Competition in November 2010, vintners from around the world asked us to replicate this successful competition with wine. We were excited with the over 700 wine submissions we received in our first year in 2011  The wine industry have continued to take notice by having a TRADE ONLY blind judging panel wine competition to be held here in New York City.   The retail store buyer, sommelier, restaurant beverage director, hotelier, distributor and importer will be our judges.    We feel these judges whose livelihood rely upon their skill set truly know what the consumer wants as they receive on a daily basis the feedback from the consumer of what is good and what will sell.

We are excited this year to implement a new division within the NYIWC for the Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic, Natural Wine and Natural Biodynamic Wines. Our trade buyer judges asked for this new division due to the growing interest from consumers about Certified Organic and Natural Wines.

New York City is many things for different people.  One of its great attributes besides being a food and travel destination is that it is a talent rich city with many nationally and internationally recognized wine judges living and working here.  It is also a media capital and we will be sharing our results with our media sponsors on the local, national and international level.

The Benefits

Recognition by the trade by winning an award bestowed upon you the Vintner.  The Award Winners will be able to use their awards (Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze) in their marketing materials at no charge.  The award winners will be listed in our online database.   At the Winners Circle the winning wineries will be invited to showcase their medal winners at no additional charge. The award winning results will be distributed to our media partners in the local NY Market, Nationally and Internationally.

How To Enter

The competition will be held at the 3 West Club in New York on May 17-18th  We invite you to submit your wine to the New York International Wine Competition through our website  Enofile Online

Please also feel free to contact us directly if you are a wine organization and or submitting 40 plus wines for additional support.

The cost to enter is $85 online and through Enofile by fax/email till May 2nd.  The cost rises to $95 after May 3rd and $120 after May 10th.  The wines have to arrive by May 12th to be judged.  Each submission is required to submit three sample bottles of either 700-750ml.  Therefore for example four submissions would a total of 12 bottles shipped.

Where To Ship The Wine

Please ship your wine directly to Western Carriers whose information is below. Please also include your submission form in the box even if you are submitting online.

Western Carriers-BLD #1-MB

Attn:Nest Egg/Joel Rubin/acct #707

New York International Wine Competition

2220 91st St

North Bergen, NJ 07047

v. 9173380163 x 1

m. 2017477111

In case you are shipping wine internationally outside of our program our recommended customs broker is Park Street at competitions@parkstreet.com  They will happily handle your customs clearance. Please contact them directly for fees and compliance questions. All customs brokerage fees are handled directly and must be paid in full before the start of the competition. Otherwise your wines will not be allowed into the competition.


Adam Levy